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Peak Copse - Gypsy Site

Quote from Basingstoke Gazette -----
Space for 20 caravans with a warden's bungalow and utility buildings was carved out of the woodland in 1991 after a planning inquiry. But the site has had a bad history, and was closed down in 1996 after violence and a firearms incident.

Then, following a decision to permanently close the site, it was invaded by travellers in 55 caravans in 2002. The police raided the site and found stolen tools and vehicles including a caravan, a horsebox and a fish-and-chip trailer.

The travellers quit after several months when Hampshire County Council began High Court proceedings against them. But they wrecked buildings and left burned-out cars, heaps of rubbish and more than 100 gas cylinders. The county council then barricaded the site to prevent further occupation.
End of quote -----

Right now, the place seems to be home to vandals and talented graffiti artists....